On Wednesday, September 27th, we are very excited to be releasing FOUR Rare Breed (barrel-aged) beers, including this delightfully fruity one: Peach Brandy Barrel-Aged Scottish Ale!

To craft this fun new brew, we aged our 4.4% Scottish Ale (The Heavy Stone) in a Peach Brandy barrel for just about a year. The result is a smooth and toasty brew featuring aromas of peach gummy rings and flavors of toasted brown bread with a schmear of tangy peach jam. The barrel contributes notes of oak, hints of brandy, a subtle smokiness, and a dry finish.

Here are a few more tasting notes:

Appearance: Reddish chocolate brown in color with a light tan colored head

Aromas: Brown sugar, fresh peach, notes of toast

Flavor: good peach flavor without being overwhelming. Some malty and fruity sweetness. Toasty brown bread.

Mouthfeel: smooth and much fuller than one would expect for a beer that started out as 4.4%!

All in all, this beer feels like it was made for Fall activities like apple picking, leaf peeping, and football!

If you are coming to our harvest dinner on September 14th, you will be the very first to try this beer. We also plan to pour it at the Highland Games Scotch Ale competition on Sunday, September 17th.

piggy approved!

Peach Brandy Barrel-Aged Scottish Ale will make you smile!