As mentioned in the post on our new Ninja of The North IPA, we’ve been having a lot of fun (and success!) utilizing all of the innovations around brewing hoppy beers, like new brewing techniques, hops, and yeast! Our latest beer to take advantage of all of the above is called What We Brew In The Shadows, and it is a 6.9% ABV New Zealand IPA. Crafted with New Zealand Hops (Pacific Sunrise and the highly desired Superdelic) PLUS Omega’s Cosmic Punch yeast (to ensure a juicy, fruit beer with plenty of fruity esters), What We Brew In the Shadows features a pillowy soft mouthfeel with flavors of peach, sweet citrus, pineapple, and mango, finishing with a zing of piney / grapefruit-y hop bitterness. This is the kind of beer for those of you that love a good ‘punch in the face’ with hops. And, yes, there are some of us out there that enjoy just that! 🙂

What We Brew In The Shadows is a nod to the movie and show (created by two Kiwis) named What We Do In The Shadows. Plus, this beer has some new and tougher to find ingredients, so the sneaky aspect of this name seems fitting!

What We Brew In The Shadows  will be available in cans and on draft starting Thursday, August 24th as part of our Day of Hoppiness.