December 9th, 2023


12:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Throwback Brewery

Come to the Dark Side on Saturday, December 9th for Throwback’s Imperial Day! This year’s focus will be on our three most decadent Imperial Stouts, Fat Alberta, Circle of Strangers, and 5 Minute Fugitive. In particular, we will be tapping:

  • Circle of Strangers Coconut Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (11.1% ABV) – port wine, dark chocolate, and tangy dark fruit jam, with some mild notes of oak and rum.  There is the slightest hint of coconut on the finish, especially as the beer warms up. The body on this beer is rich and full, coating the tongue with smile-inducing boozy warmth.
  • 2019 Port Barrel-Aged 5 Minute Fugitive (11.4% ABV) – a big, boozy, jammy beauty of a beer with flavors of port, cherry, berry, and coffee & cream.
  • 2022 5 Minute Fugitive (9.2% ABV)– plum, raisin, and caramel, complemented by a touch of coffee roast and a gentle boozy warmth, ending with a lingering port wine/ jammy tang
  • 2022 Port Barrel-Aged 5 Minute Fugitive (10.8% ABV) – big and boozy beer with layers of flavor – chocolate, raisin, coffee, and berry, finishing with a lingering alcohol warmth and jammy tang. More wine-forward than 2019.

Grab a Circle of Fugitives Flight and try all four!

We’ll also be releasing the 2023 version of our Fat Alberta – our Chocolate Peanut Butter Imperial Stout AND tapping three previous versions. Here’s the lineup:

  • 2023– this year’s batch is VERY balanced- with flavors and aromas of 70% dark chocolate up front, followed by creamy peanut butter. Release date: Saturday, December 9th.
  • 2022 dry roasted peanut aroma, flavors of dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream and cold brew coffee, full bodied and luscious. If you are fans of 80% dark, bitter chocolate, then this version is for you! This drinks with a slightly bigger alcohol kick than 2023.
  • 2021 super smooth body with flavors of chocolate-covered raisins and peanuts, caramel, and dark fruits. This is akin to a 60% dark chocolate bar with raisins. 
  • 2018 This super smooth batch is like the best possible form of Raisinets – caramel-y raisins covered in dark chocolate with a toffee finish.  

Grab a “Nuts About You” Flight and try all four! We’ll also have vertical boxes for sale, containing one can each of 2023, 2022, and 2021.

Finally, since this is an Imperial Day, don’t be surprised to see some Star Wars-inspired outfits on our team! May the force NOT be with you on the Dark Side!

Fat Alberta is a decadent holiday treat!

Fat Alberta 2023 is a decadent holiday treat!