yummy, yummy, yummy

Ahhh lusciously dark, barrel-aged beers 😍


Given the way 2020 has been going for most, we’ve decided to release a bit of happiness into the world- in the form of special beers for the dark beer lovers out there!

Yes, we are once again offering an Unafraid of the Dark / Rare Breed series featuring four lusciously dark barrel-aged beers. All beers in this series were brewed in the good ‘ole years of 2018-2019. And, each beer has been carefully curated to maximize ABV & flavor and minimize memories of 2020! That’s right – we are calling this series Rare Breed: Party Like It’s 2019 Edition.

Here’s the beer lineup:

Rye Barrel-Aged Barleywine 11.45% ABV – our barleywine aged in a rye barrel (that started it’s life as a red wine barrel) is a wonderful example of the magical alchemy that can happen when beer meets wood. This is a big, smooth beer with aromas of cherry & vanilla and flavors of caramel, raisin, red wine, prune, and cherry.

– Bourbon Barrel-Aged Long Lost Friend Belgian Strong Ale 11.8% ABV – this big sipper features flavors and aromas of dark caramel and candied fig, underscored by a touch of Belgian spice and notes of toast, black currant, prune, and dark stone fruit.

2019 Der Sandman 9.89% ABV – a Cognac barrel-aged and cold-aged dopplebock that boasts huge flavors and aromas of fig, raisin, caramelized brown sugar, and plum – all underscored by a balanced alcohol warmth. Cold aged in bottles for 20 months!

Port Barrel 5-Minute Fugitive Russian Imperial Stout 10.9% / 11.4%. You will receive either a 2018 or 2019 bottle of this beer (randomly selected by us). Both batches are divine, so everyone wins — especially if you like big, jammy, smooth Russian Imperial stouts with flavors of cherry, berry, and coffee & cream.

The series will go on sale on Black Friday (2-7:30pm) here at Throwback Brewery! The series makes for a very unique and special gift (for your friends, loved ones, or yourself). Buying into the series ensures that you can take home all four beers, and you will also get a discount on all the beers as well. There are only 45 of the series being sold, so don’t wait until late December to grab yours.

Pricing and Packaging:
Each beer will be packaged in a 375ml bottle. We only have 45 bottles of the Der Sandman and about the same of the Port Barrel 5-Minute Fugitive beers – so they really are a rare breed! This series includes 4 bottles (one of each beer listed above) for $38 (a discount of 5% from buying the bottles individually)

How To Buy:
This series goes on sale here on Black Friday during our Big Barrel of a Black Friday event. When you buy into the series, you can bring home two of the beers – the Der Sandman and the Port Barrel 5 Minute. We’ll then release the third beer in January and the final beer in February. When you sign up for the series, we will send you an email notifying you of when each of the beers are available, when you can pick them up, as well as some detailed tasting notes. We’ll also provide you with a ‘punch card’ that we’ll use to mark off which beers you have picked up.

  • Mug Club member? Simply send us an email anytime letting us know you are interested in the series. You can pay the next time you are in!
  • Stop by Throwback Brewery during our open hours.
  • If you want us to take your credit card details over the phone and mail you the punch card for the series, we can do that, but we will add 2 dollars to the price of the card to cover some of the extra fees we have to pay for manually entering in a credit card and mailing out the card to you. If that works for you, give us a call at (603) 379-2317 x1.
  • Don’t want to deal with humans? Buy online!

Hopefully the following FAQs will answer any lingering questions you might have!

I’m going away from January – March / I live someplace warm in the winter, can I still sign up for the series? If you are going to be away for the winter, we can hold on to the bottles for you until the middle of April 2020. If you are going away for a few weeks, and are afraid you are going to miss a beer, don’t worry, we will hold on to your bottle(s) for you!

Can I just buy one of the bottles?
You can buy individual bottles ($10 each) of the Rye Barrel-Aged Barleywine and the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Long Lost Friend Belgian Strong Ale. The remaining bottles of Der Sandman and the 2018 and 2019 Port Barrel 5-Minute Fugitives are only available as part of the series.

Can I give this as a gift?
Of course! We highly recommend it! 🙂 Please note that we won’t send an email out about the availability of the first beer until after the first of the year, by that time most people have exchanged gifts. Also, we will give you a little ‘punch card’ for the series, which can then be given to your friend / loved one/ or yourself!

Can I try the beers before buying into the series?
If you stop by for our Big Barrel of a Black Friday event on November 27th, you will be able to try the 2019 Der Sandmann on draft as well as the 2019 and 2018 Port Barrel 5-Minute Fugitives. We’ll also have on tap our Boysenberry Dark Cuvee and Coconut Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout! The Rye Barrel-Aged Barleywine and the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Long Lost Friend Belgian Strong Ale won’t be ready until January and February.

We hope to see you here on Black Friday… and Saturday and Sunday! Cheers!