On Saturday, November 13th, we will be holding a little Prince-inspired Raspberry Beer-Yea event, where we will be releasing the following small-batch raspberry beers – all of which include black raspberries from our farm:

  • Port Barrel-Aged Black Ale with Raspberries 6.0% ABV – If you like chocolate dipped raspberries or dark beers that have a pronounced jammy taste, then you will definitely want to try our brand new Port Barrel-Aged Black Ale with Raspberries. It features flavors and aromas of blackberry, raspberry, and chocolate, finishing with a roasty, jammy tart finish. Will be available in Rare Breed bottles, on draft, and in growlettes.
  • Razzmatazz Raspberry Wheat Ale 7.4% ABVRazzmatazz is our new Raspberry Wheat Ale, featuring flavors and aromas of raspberry sugar cookies, with a nice rounded balance of bitter berry, currants, and sweet caramel malt. At 7.4% ABV, a pint of this small batch, special beer should take the chill off AND get you ready for the holiday season! Will be available on draft and to go via growlettes.
  • Rocky’s Raspberry IPA 6.7% ABV – Rocky’s Raspberry IPA features a hoppy citrus aroma and a very bright, jammy raspberry flavor, finishing with a mild tart and hoppy resinous finish. Think of this new 6.7% ABV beer as a smaller version of our Donkey-Hoté Double IPA, but with a gorgeous reddish pink color and a pronounced raspberry kick! Will be available on draft and to go via growlettes.
  • Hank’s Raspberry Pale Ale 4.8% ABV – We made a cask of Hank’s Pale Ale with raspberries and some extra dry Citra and Mosaic dry hops! This cask will be tapped Saturday, November 13th!

You will be able to try all four in a “Let’s Go Crazy” Sampler Flight. Can’t wait for you guys to try them!

Raspberry Beer- Yea! Pictured top left is Razzmatazz, along with Rocky’s Raspberry IPA, and our Port Barrel-Aged Black Ale with Raspberries